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Wikipedia is written for the general reader. When adding content and creating new articles an encyclopedic style with a formal tone is important. Instead of essay-like, argumentative, or opinionated writing, Wikipedia articles should have a straightforward, just-the-facts style.

Wikipedia should concisely state facts about a subject. It should not discuss the underlying literature at any length.


“washing hands after defecating reduces the incidence of diarrhea in the wilderness”,


“An uncontrolled survey involving 132 experienced long-distance backpackers on the Appalachian trail in 1997 concluded that washing hands after defecating reduces the incidence of diarrhea in the wilderness.”

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тобто, у на кожне моє 300 її:)

Sandy’s added source: Rosa MA, Lisanby SH (2012). “Somatic treatments for mood disorders“:

Although tDCS can be considered a form of CES, it was treated separately because there are data suggesting that its effects are quite different in the brain physiological effects (Stagg and Nitsche, 2011).

There is also a ‘mixed’ form of CES in which constant electric current (similar to tDCS) is combined with pulses of alternating current. This form of stimulation was used in Russia especially for narcoanalgesia (Boutros and Krupitsky, 1998).

to sum up: CES – alternating current. tDCS – constant current. (but basically the same?)

Aman thinks an article might be challenged either by someone from either drug industry or probably by a competing technology, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which is commonly used by psychiatrists in the United States. “They dislike our technology because we provide a cheap alternative for people to treat psychiatric disorders by themselves, without medical supervision.”

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